Can’t catch a break!

So I am home again…

We went out there yesterday to check out the next set of crossings. The river was up around 8 foot while we were there and was on the rise. It was treacherous, and we made the decision to come home and wait for the river to fall. We did this for safety, and also because when the river is that high, you can’t see any of the features we are trying to map, so it is doubly useless to try.

Tim and I decided that we would come home because chances are, based on the way the river reacts from previous storms, it would take 2 days for the river to fall to an acceptable level for us to map. I said that I would check the gage level at 4 in the morning just in case. It turned out to be a good decision, at 4am the river was flowing at 1600 cfs and about 10 feet higher than normal in the area we wanted to float.

I checked it just now, and it is still flowing at 1400 cfs! Some good news out of all of this, the storm hydrographs for the river gage has the same shape, and a similar amplitude, likewise the rainfall totals were similar. This means that we can vaguely predict how the river will react to a certain amount of rainfall without building a flood routing model. For instance, I have a pretty good idea that based on the shape of the hydrograph, the river level will be at or around 300 cfs in 30 hours. Our fall back plan is to head out tomorrow and either map as we originally planned, or do a little 3.2 mile stretch that is further downstream first. Hopefully the river will cooperate…


One response to “Can’t catch a break!

  1. don’t bet your life on it young man there are a lot of dead people who thought they could gauge a river! No disrespect intended frank.

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