Well I made it back

Just a few quick words. I made it back from Chicago at about 2am the next day. I was stuck at O’Hare for about 9 and a half hours, then we sat on the plane for another hour waiting to be de-iced. All in all I can’t complain though, many of the people had to stay the night in the airport, so I was fortunate.

Bigger news:  I was accepted to the PhD program at the University of Illinois! Bruce Rhoads emailed me on Wednesday to notify me, and an official letter is on its way. Very, very cool. I am excited that I was able to get into such an impressive program. I still have to hope for funding, but the short of it is this. If the funding is there, I will choose Illinois over all of the other programs I applied to. The school was definitely the best fit for me, and I truly hope I can attend. I should know about funding in March, so keep your fingers crossed.

I flew home, had a day to rest (sort of) and then drove to Corpus Christi for a concert. It has been a busy week. We are performing Symphonie Fantasique, which is simply an incredible composition. Truly magnificent. Also, we are playing John Adams “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” which Adams describes as meniacal…it is cool, but a little avante gaurd for some. Then we are playing two Clarinet Concerti: Von Weber’s, and Copland’s. The Weber is easy and mostly benign, but the Copland is a monster. The last movement is hardly playable, so that should be much fun to read with the soloist tonight…wish us luck, though it won’t help I think.

Check out Nyet’s (my cousin-in-law) latest blog for a highly entertaining treatise of the HS reunion experience. If you are not already a fan, you will be hooked quickly so beware…


One response to “Well I made it back

  1. Thanks for the shoutout (and for the credit for the purple polar bear in a previous post). I knew Illinois was big time; i didn’t realize that it was this big time. That’s awesome man – and of course, congrats again on the funding. I will now officially write “Frank Engel, the renowned scientist? I knew him back in the beginning, when he was lifting 400 pound boat over river jams…”

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