PhD Programs

For those who don’t know:

I have been accepted to the first choice PhD program, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with full ride.

I found out last night that I was not accepted to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

I interviewed for the Simon Fraser University position, but I haven’t heard anything yet.


One response to “PhD Programs

  1. Congrats again Frank – that’s awesome about the Illinois program. As for UNC, well they can (insert undesirable activity here). In fact, let me tell you a fine story about the North Carolina public school system. We were playing UNCWilmington in Ultimate circa 1999 when I was at Rice. They are big fat cheaters, but that is besides the point. This one guy on their team kept calling travels whenever he got beat. So one time he calls “TRAVEL!” very loudly against my teammate Mike. Mike, who had rather blatantly not traveled. Mike says something to the effect of “what are you talking about?” and UNCW guy replies:

    “Travel. Trav-uhl. Do I have to spell it out for you? T-R_A-V-L-E.”

    So you probably don’t want those guys teaching you anyways…

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