Very good website (Link Fixed)

I am a scientist, so I believe that making an opinion on anything really, can only be done after a thorough literature review, and scientific experimentation. We constantly are faced with people belting out their opinions without the facts to back it up.

The question of global warming is no different. Here is a online magazine/news feed that is fairly unbiased, and definitely interested in considering the hard fact to form its opinion. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Very good website (Link Fixed)

  1. The link is broken, homes.

  2. I didn’t like this link. Instead of providing facts to prove their point, they just tried to put down anyone who thought other than the way they did. They quoted what IPCC put out, but the summary of the IPCC had been written months before they met. Many scientists quit the IPCC because they were expected to write their papaers to agree with the IPCC summary.
    There is another group that disagrees with the IPCC summary. Google “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. You can download the one hour and fourteen minute program that disputes the IPCC with many facts.

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