Book Review: The Davinci Code (long overdue)

Truthfully, I am probably the last person to read Dan Brown’s Davinci Code. I put off reading it for this reason, I really hate how hyped things get in America, there is truly a mob/cult mentality about things like this, and I try not to participate. I prefer to let myself think that I control my spending habits, not marketing. Off my soap box and to the book…

Well, the book didn’t impress me much. It was just a typical page turner, with one exception. The shortest chapters I have ever seen. Maybe that’s why everybody loved it; they thought they were smart, fast readers I guess. Brown must have written this book in very small chunks like a thesis, but without meaningful content. I am not going to bother with plot details and the like since everybody has either seen the movie or read the book. I will say that I enjoyed finishing this book.

I thought the plot was incredibly predictable, and the puzzles were simple. I guess I was expecting a truly well thought out plot with twists and connections that were actually novel, not Hollywood predictable. Oh well.

As for the religious connotations, so what. First, Brown isn’t at all original, he just pulled from several others’ peoples work before him. Second, who cares? Would it truly matter if Jesus had a bloodline? The Church has already take and separated historical Jesus from spiritual Jesus. Overall a disappointment. I was hoping that if so many people truly liked it, the book might have some merit as literature.


3 responses to “Book Review: The Davinci Code (long overdue)

  1. Did you actually go into this book thinking it would be good? The first time I picked it up was shortly after its release and even then I knew it wasn’t going to be a good book. The entire point of it was to be fun, and I thought it accomplished that. I also agree that most people loved the book because it made them feel like a smart, fast reader. That said, I have read it more than once and have picked up all of his other books, and enjoyed them as well. Angels and Demons, the book before DaVinci Code is the better of the two with the Robert Langdon character, just incase you were wondering.

  2. I wasn’t expecting literary genius, but I was at least hoping for a well thought out plot. Unfortunately I set my hopes too high.

    I will put Angels & Demons on my list, and give Brown a chance to redeem himself đŸ˜‰ I like the character of Robert Langdon, and it may be nice to see him again…

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