Life in the fast current

Ah…I just had to write a bit about my wonderful quickie excursion today. I needed a break form ye ‘ole thesis (currently listening to a sailor’s jig on iTunes…arghh) and so I took to the bike and rode around town for a few miles…a total of about 7, so not too stressful. After a nice sweat, I stopped at the river in Sewell Park for a even nicer dip. I sure am going to miss the San Marcos! I doubt there will be a body of water warm enough (or clear) for more than a week or two up in Champaign.

The ride home was absolutely marvelous, despite a couple of drastically impatient cyclo-hater shitheads (or DICS for short…). Now I sit outside writing thesis quite content to be damp.

Peace out.


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