Great advice to myself

The following was something I dragged up while packing for the big move. It is an excerpt from my journal circa 1999. I wrote a lot then, mainly b/c the folks were getting divorced, but I had some good stuff to say then nonetheless. Now, in an overly sentimental and selfish mood, I am posting it here for the rest of you to see…maybe I should have given myself better advice?

[Some] advice I gave my future self in Dec. of 1999:

There is something in the great scheme of things very big that has your name written all over it, so don’t disappoint, I want to see what it is, right?

Always wear sunscreen [something I am often remiss in doing]

Learn how to dance, and always love whatever you’re doing. It’s just more fun.

Love your parents, maybe they will mature later.

Write a book, not to publish, maybe make it like that Richard Bach dudes book…that would be cool. [that Richard Bach dude was all about the Is, and I was really into non-dualism at the time]

Go to bed when you are tired, [eat] when you are hungry, use the bathroom when you need to.

Read as much as you can, even if it’s boring, that way you will be smarter than the guy behind you at the bank. Who cares if he makes more money- you know more.

Shit happens. Feces occurs.

He who is outside is not inside.

It was a great joy to read stuff I had totally forgot existed (I honestly thought this particular journal was trashed a long time ago).


One response to “Great advice to myself

  1. I’ve sat and read this over and over, because it sounded SO familiar. I finally figured out why.(and it only took two weeks!) These are the isms that I have been harping at you most of your life, just turned around and given your own personal twist. How cool… you did listen afterall. Oh, incidentally, I havn’t matured yet…probably never will, but I love you!

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