That which also transpired today…and for the last couple of weeks

Sorry Nyet…I loved the title, so I ganked it for my own post. So this is a not so complete synopsis of my life over the last few weeks.

I finally finished my masters. It took 3 grueling months to get a draft past my advisor, but only 4 days to get finished after that. Personally I don’t think that quite lines up, but hey, at least it is done. So, you are technically reading prose written by a master degree holder (though I actually do not have the paper yet…)

I am sitting in the Illini Union after a pleasant lunch of Indian tandori and naan, yumm, watching TS Erin continue to flood Texas. Go figure, the San Antonio River has been practically in flood stage since May. Thank God I’m done with that mess. I got my I-Card, which thankfully buys my bus ticket home later today, and I think I have just about got everything ready for start on Monday. Exciting times.

Kudos to Nate who literally nearly aced the GRE, very, very impressive. He will take ASU by storm I am sure. Funny thing, Max and I were talking about you Nate and to which degree/field you would most likely go into. I pegged you as a Philosophy type, and apparently by your latest post, I am correct. Anyway, congrats man…and good luck with grad school when the chips fall into place.

Back to my life…Jordan and I have moved into our new place, and it is quite wonderful. The cats have a vet appointment tomorrow, and we get to de-flea them (I think the shitty La Quinta in Little Rock caused that…grrr) and Alley may get her stool sampled for worms/parasites after I discovered a little wiggly thing hanging off her butt…yeah!

Alright, well time to work on a paper, so that’s enough about me. Pictures and great stories from the road to come soon. Btw, I also saw the worlds largest cross…about 300 ft tall and on a hill in Efingham, IL on the road to St. Louis. Scary.


3 responses to “That which also transpired today…and for the last couple of weeks

  1. Gracias for the props – and congrats to you, to, for finishing the Elephant in your life (aka thesis). Keep on keepin’ on, homes!

    And thanks for the visual on the wriggling worms out of butts. Seriously, thank you.

  2. So when are you coming down to visit? We now know there are actually a few fun things to do down here.

  3. Wiggly things.. Son.. I thought I taught you better that to talk like that in public. EEEwwww!

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