I got (or am getting) schooled

Well I have finished my first week of PhD classes. Actually, it was really only the first 3 days, but nevertheless I got to experience all of my classes. I gotta say I really like this school. It is so powerful, and so diverse. It is totally different than Texas State was. The experience on campus is not that much unlike being in a large international hub airport like Heathro wor O’Hare. Thousands of people all around you, hundreds of different languages. This place is certainly a cultural Mecca.

Classes this semester should be fun, if not really hard. I have a Philosophy of Geographic Thought class that should be a good reading class. I’ll be well versed in all of the ‘isms I can manage by the end. I am also in a PhD intro class that I will call Dog and Pony (after the equivalent at TxState), basically all of the geography faculty will take turns with a lecture, giving advice, introducing us to their research, etc. An easy, but useful class to be sure. The kicker is my civil & environmental engineering (CEE) class. For those not in the know, U of I’s CEE department is the best (tied this year w/ Stanford) in the country, and the hydrualics lab is legendary (I am still amazed I made it in to this place). I am taking Open Channel Hydraulics, an intense course in how fluids flow when there is a free surface (think river) with Dr. Marcello Garcia. If I can hang in on this class, I’ll be in great shape. Finally, I am taking an independent study, in which I’ll be reading and writing a lit. review on Stream Naturalization. A lot of reading to be sure. All of that and I will also be doing field work with my office mates Shane and Jim in local rivers.

I am stoked about this semester, and I hope I am up to the task. In addition, I want to try to keep this site updated for family, friends and all.

Well that’s enough for now, back to the books…


One response to “I got (or am getting) schooled

  1. I’m glad you are having fun already. Keep working hard.. like I have to say that… and get on here as often as you can. Missin’ ya

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