Picture time

Easy post for today. Just a few pictures of things around campus and Champaign.

The Beckmam Institute. This is on the north side of the second engineering quad. My hydraulics class is in a building to to the right. This is a very nice area, and today the weather was awesome!



The Japan House in the Arboretum. Pretty cool park, several acres of grass, restored prairie, and native trees. I enjoyed exploring there and learning a bit about the trees in the area. I’ll definitely be back once the colors start to change. The Japan house is an interpretive center, and the have formal tea service every so often. I can’t wait!



The main quad during ‘Quad Day.’ Pretty ridiculously bust that day. It took me 10 minutes to get from here to my office (basically about 1000 yards). Yeesh.



Our non-popable, unwrapped couch. It came with that cat actually…


Jordan’s best impression of Carrot Top…not surprisingly, she is much funnier.


Bardeen Quad. This is the main quad on the Engineering half of campus. It has a creek running through it, and is quite lovely. I like the architecture of the new building (the bigger one) and how it picks up the brick pattern from the older building next to it.


The undergraduate library. It is actually underground (where undergrads should be…). They built it this way because of the experimental Morrow Plots next to it. The building would have cast a shadow on the fields, so to solve it, the built down! The second image is the courtyard in the ‘hole’ of the library.


That’s my dad. It was really nice to see him (It had been 5 years!). Hopefully it will not be that again until I can see him again.


A random assortment of macro flower/greenscapes and Jordan and I’s bikes. Why? Because I can…


6 responses to “Picture time

  1. Uh, yeah…. love all but one… but at least he’s aging ugly too…LOL. And Jordan’s hair is sooo pretty! Always thought she has a great sense of humor… married you didn’t she.

  2. Sweet post man – and I appreciate the blog-erary allusion. Good to see things are beautiful and hopping in Champaign. Good luck with the classes and the reading and the reading and the reading….

  3. At the Japan house, you said there were acres of grasses, restored prarie, and trees. Do you know what makes it so green? CO2 man, CO2.
    There are some benefits to CO2.

  4. Looks like Shampoo Banana is working out for you. Now come visit; I need a reason to hit the wine trail.

  5. CO2… isn’t that the stuff that makes soda bubbly? LOL BTW… Nice Bikes !

  6. Hey! Are you playing favoritism with my Grandkitties! Doesn’t he get a pic up too?

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