So all of this chatting with Nate about the way of things, his course, and other such greatness has got my mind reeling as well. Where I did not bury myself in Wikipedianess (however tempting that is), I did take some time to consider my place in the context of Geography as a discipline (not easy to do…).

First, I pose a question to you in this post, and later I will speak my mind on the question.

The question(s):

What is geography? Is it science? Does it has worth in this world? Why do you say so (or not so)?

Have fun…


3 responses to “Ontology

  1. Geography…. is the “Scientic” study of the topography and substance of the planet, namely, our planet, but can also include study of other planets as well. It includes the study of the composition of the particles that make up the study material in question, as well as the study of how those materials interact with each other, and how they present themselves, ie… what they look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, etc…… and how these qualities are possitively or negatively affective of us as a member of the human race. Nyyyyaaaahhh!

  2. ps, can also apply to the study of any substance or purpose you choose… ie.. you could study the geography of a lovely lady, or that of a famous painting, or the itenerary or plot of a mystery novel….. just exactly what kind of geography… well, you didn’t ask that!!

  3. Oops, forgot the last question. Yes, I believe it “have” worth.

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