Titan may have evidence of erosion

Just kind of cool. Scientists in my field are beginning to postulate that Saturn’s moon Titan may have erosion by solution (think dissolving) from methane rain. Pretty awesome stuff. The idea that geomorphology is not just unique to the Earth, and that a whole new set of otherworldly discoveries are likely of the next 50 years is an amazing occurence. Just though I should share…

Here is a link to several RADAR image scans of Titan taken by Cassinni. Here is my favorite:


2 responses to “Titan may have evidence of erosion

  1. I had a bit of trouble seeing it very clearly, but it looks like a body of water on the left. It’s really neat what humanity has figured out how to do with optics.

  2. Yeah, I will not venture a guess at what the left region has in it. I agree it does look a bit like ‘water’. If it is, I think it is methane in a liquid state. What is cool to me is the land just to the right of said water. It has valley cut type features that look a lot like erosion by fluvial detachment. Pretty cool!

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