Stats at its best!


This is the latest addition from one of my favorite blogs (besides Nate’s) Not much worth writing about going on here. I am socked in with work. I finished scanning in 87 older research articles on Stream Restoration and the like, now I have to read those this week, and begin finding new articles next week. I’m a little busy.

Due to my new found addiction to coffee, I have bought a thermos to keep it warm through the day…so far so good. I have never used a thermos except for the He-Man- Master of the Universe one I had as a kid. I HAVE THE POWWWEEEERR! Yeah..

I have resigned to build a touring bike out of my current bike, and save up to build a road bike from scratch at some point down the line. I love building things. In fact, funny side story: I used to have copious amounts of Legos, with which I created mega ships to defend the universe. I always got bored of the original design suggested by Lego, and quickly came up with my own. Besides, how else are you gonna build a mothership with 12 photon cannons and a detachable ‘superwing’. Duh. Well anyway, I had been playing with the latest masterpiece on the front (covered) porch in our first place in Austin. I was thirsty, so I quickly ran in to grad a drink, came back out and my super-battleship have turned on the 5 finger warp drive. Not a happy day. Needless to say, I haven’t really had Legos since.

Back to the bike. I love to ride as most of you know, and I am always looking to improve the things I own (to Jordan’s oft dismay…). Given this, and the fact I want a road bike in addition to my current bike…on a budget, building my own seems the best choice. I will start looking for a parts list soon, and who knows, maybe I’ll post my progress here. Until then, I’ll just dream, and get back to work…


3 responses to “Stats at its best!

  1. All I can say is: Jordan, I raised him. Now it’s your turn. MMMwwwaaaahahahahaha

    But seriously, it’s a good quality to have, and makes him what he is today. Also, loved the comic blog, but does it count against me that my second childhood began with marryin’ a younger man? Something about 7 now makes me wonder… 1/2 your age plus 7 years… hmmm, he’s 7 years younger than me. I broke the scale… boo hoo. lol

  2. And which of many qualities is that huh?

  3. I quote, “and I am always looking to improve the things I own (to Jordan’s oft dismay…)”.
    But of course, that is not your only quality… you also have some of your Momma’s sassy sense of humor… LOL

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