Simple logic

x = ‘My Head Hurts’
FOR i = 1:’Head Explodes’
   x = x + ‘pound head into wall’

So on to a new chapter in life. I have begun to learn (and revamp) three different sets of syntax intensive software. My hydraulics class has deemed it necessary that we all learn to use MATLAB to solve and find the roots of all those nasty partial differential equations we have been deriving…

In addition to this, I am also learning LaTeX, which is a very powerful and free typesetting software. It is not a typical WYSIWYG platform like MS Word and the like. The premise behind the software is that authors should concentrate on writing, not how their work is formatted. Basically, you just type into the software and it does all of the typesetting for you. IT has its pros and cons for sure. For instance, I don’t have to worry about formatting margins or anything like that for my dissertation. I just write it, and the software will do the rest. The cons, and there are many, are that you have to specify how the software handles your writing through the use of coding (see the above mess ‘MyHead Hurts’ stuff. So there is a trade off, one I am willing to deal with. I would much rather learn a new programing language that fiddle with Word for 2 hours to get the margins and page numbers where they are suppose to be. That wasted a considerable amount of my time when I was writing the thesis, ask Jordan.

Also, I am revamping my working knowledge of some pretty functional, though very clunky hydraulic modeling software called HEC-RAS. The program is pretty cool, and does a lot of the really hard work for you, but it is very specific, and you have to be incredible careful so that when you press the GO button, it doesn’t explode. Fun stuff.

Anyway, this was sort of a rant post, you did well if you made it through. Peace


2 responses to “Simple logic

  1. Excellent posting! I like the begining logic assumption as well. Still trying to decide wether the head banging is the final option, or if there can be “y”= ice bag. Any way.. love ya.

  2. Ah, iterations. Ah, iterations. Ah, iterations. Ah, horse. Ah, beaten. Ah, horse was dead beforehand.

    We appreciate the rants, hombre. MATLAB will hurt your brain, but is definitely worth it in the end. I had to learn it very fast when I worked up in Boston – and then I lived behind the company (MathWorks) where it was/is developed! That is, tragically, all I have in the way of MathLab anecdotes.

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