Net Neutrality is important!

I know this image is a bit asinine, but its message is oh so true. Huge global conglomerate companies are continuing to try and get legislation passed to get rid of net neutrality. We should NOT let this happen. What is Net Neutrality you ask? Here is your answer. In short, what we call the internet now is neutrality. All parties have an equal right to publish, browse, and interact with the internet. This is what makes this blog possible for instance. I have the right to share my opinion and information with whoever I want to want to here.

This has implications beyond blogs, and personal internet browsing. Let’s say I am a business of some sort (some blogs are..they make money for recommending products, writing articles, etc.). Now I can make a website that shows my inventory, location, pricing, and even allows for online purchasing of my wares. This website has an equal standing with the likes of eBay, amazon, or any other major online business website. The internet then becomes a place where I can market my product equally as well (assuming an unlimited bandwidth) as anybody else, including the big boys out there. Actually, that ability is what allowed those big boy websites their opportunity for expansion.

Now, large media companies are trying to change the way the system works. They will take over the rights of the internet, and charge users by how large of an audience the want to reach. This means that if I am a small business, I would have to pay the same amount of $$ to advertise to 10 million people (lets say) as one of the big boy companies like eBay. What this amounts to is that smaller companies will not be able to afford the access rights that larger companies can. What’s more is that the big boy companies that would want to advertise and reach the internet at large, are in fact the big media companies advocating against net neutrality. These are the likes of Time-Warner, ABC, and some of the others listed in the image above. It is a legal (through loop-holes) way to develop a sort of massive ‘internet-trust’ setup that no current anti-trust laws can touch.

And that’s just the business end of things. Personal users like myself will have to pay to have our message heard on blogs and the like. Even worse, right now the internet is a massive source of information, but if net neutrality is eliminated, this source will no longer be available. Or the information that is out there will be mandatorily channeled through media conglomerates like ABC. Unbiased information, or even the hope of it being within reach will no longer exist.


2 responses to “Net Neutrality is important!

  1. Most of what I read has things going the other direction – fewer copyright laws, more data-sharing, more open-access and open-source coding. Obviously the big guns have every reason to want to channel the power their way, but I think they’re going to be hard-pressed (if not find it altogether impossible) to rein in the ‘net at this stage in the game. Interestingly, companies like amazon are already utilizing some database-sharing business models to make their warehouses more accessible.

    I’m also interested in this whole idea from a source/authority/centralized truth angle as well. Not saying that we need big fat corporations to act as canonizers of the internet – I agree wholeheartedly with your post, as they say in Boston, that would be hella bad – but it’s weird the degree of power this pseudo-democratic popularity contest has on what we do and do not view as reliable (or maybe, “worthwhile”) info on the web. In other words, authoritarian world wide web control sucks, but completely splintered free-for-all has bad edges, too.

  2. Okay, I see your point, but you don’t offer a solution. Just how are we supposed to keep them from doing this to our internet? Just say no? If they arrange to destroy what we enjoy now without giving everyone a chance to “vote” on it, they win. We can do nothing from that point on except refuse to use the service. Then the cost of living will go up because businesses who now completely depend on the internet to survive will pay for the services, only to find that the people can no longer be contacted, which will ultimately give the internet to a small and concise group of bad people who will use it to take over the world!!! Pinky and The Brain have nothing on these evil people! AAAAAAHHHHH! Save me… don’t let them get me AAAAAAHHHH!!!

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