What I did today

Well truly, not much. I stayed home for most of the day, I didn’t bring my laptop (on purpose) because I wanted to force myself to take a little break. I did get some more cool information from Bruce, and I ate lunch with my wonderful wife. Oh, and I bought her b-day gift (I’ll see if she reads this or not:) ). Then I went to hydraulics.

The info from Bruce consisted of the engineering firm’s answer to Bruce’s expectations of design for the Copper Slough. Of course, the plans fall short, thankfully, because it means I still have something to do! I went out with Jordan last night before dusk to see the study site. Not pretty, but I guess that’s the point right? Also, Bruce wants me to come along as he meets with the city to discuss the Copper Slough plans a little further upstream of the reach I am already looking at. If the city sides with him, then my project will likely be expanded upstream to include that work as well.

In hydraulics today, we had a ‘lab’ day. We were taken into the hydrosystems lab, which is full of massive equipment and the like, and took 3D flow velocity measurements in a 10 ft by 300ft flume with sand in it. The point of the exercise is for us to reconstruct the velocity profile (how the velocity changes from the bed towards the water surface in the downstream direction) using actual collected data. VERY cool stuff. I have been learning about these things for the last 3 years, but I have never had this sort of hands-on chance to see how all this theoretical stuff actually works. I love this school!

This weekend, I have to continue building a flow model for the Copper Slough, and hopefully, things will work out so I can study this problem long term.


One response to “What I did today

  1. Wonderful. Keep it up Son. Love you bunches.

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