Now I am making (perhaps and unfair) assumption when I guess that most of you haven’t had the pleasure of taking an Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) class. Well, me neither. However, with what I have been doing this semester, it is a moot point as I am now solving ODEs left and right w/o the aid of a calculus background. My mind simply hurts. I have had to stretch so much for this eng. class, learning 2 programing languages, calc., ODE and even some partial diff. stuff. I can barely contain myself.

Strange thing is, I like it. No, I LOVE it. I feel very much like Wakalski brothers stoic Neo when he says, “I know Kung-fu…” I am eating this stuff up, well as long as I can keep ahead of the curve. The only bad part is I can’t really share all this ‘cool’ stuff with anyone. I mean, I guess I can blog it, however, I guarantee I would lose readers real quick if I was alway posting things like the derivation of the DE St. Venants equations for shallow water flow, in fact, I bet I just lost a reader right there. This is a hard realization for me. I am uber excited and overwhelmed with a sense of new knowledge, yet I cannot share that excitement with the ones I love, at least not in its full glory.

Jordan and I have been talking about this recently. Like most couples, when we get home together, we like to unwind by telling each other about our day. Jordan is easy, we talk about the idiots that came into the bank, have a good laugh and go on. Me on the other hand, all I can really say is that I went to class and learned ‘x’. But unfortunately, (fortunately for Jordan) I cannot delve fully into what I have learned to share it like I would want to. It just wouldn’t be fair to Jordan.

For now I guess, I just have to leave it that I am being filled with new and extremely interesting (at least to me) knowledge. When I get the opportunity to share benign tidbits of that knowledge, I know that is when I’ll be truly happy to share these cool things in my life.


2 responses to “ODE

  1. You know, you can still share it with her, just learn to enjoy it when you get a cocked head and blank stare from her. But then, with her mathmatical mind, she may surprise you and understand it just to spite you! Hee hee.

  2. Sweet. Weird what sticks out as enjoyable despite its level of relative torture – I remember advanced symbolic logic being like a big stick to the side of the head, but the proofs were pretty cool. Of course, somewhere Becka nd Jordan are forming a team, pointing in our direction and yelling “nerds.” So it goes.

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