There is beauty in the world

Today has been a good day. I am currently sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying a wonderful cup of chocolate almond coffee, listening to one of my favorite symphonies, staring at my beautiful wife as she is masterfully completing a cross-sum sudoku puzzle that is above me. I am studying for a midterm in the philosophy of geography, and thinking that I may write my test essays in a blog for you all to read. Maybe not, maybe, we’ll see.

It is a windy day here, but pleasant, and the trees are beginning to show some color. I’ll take some pics and post at a later date. Don has read my thesis unbelievably, and I am sure he will have some challenging questions for me later. Don: beware, you will be in my domain asking questions about rivers….unlike global warming, where I am as much a spectator as you 😉

Speaking of which, I need to call my grandma and wish her a belated birthday, I hope it was enjoyable, maybe ribs at J.J Norths? Friday was an interesting day in Open Channel. We are learning about backwater curves, which I will not go into, just suffice it to say it is fun stuff. We went into the lab and ran the flume to study different curves, and how the water surface reacts to perturbations in the flow. Now the interesting part about all this, is that I have it lucky here. In Texas, we couldn’t just go into the lab next door to run a several thousand dollar flume at will.  Plus, the curves we are studying were developed in the lab we were in, cool stuff.

Alright, that’s enough for now. I will think about posting some more later.


4 responses to “There is beauty in the world

  1. Yeah, she is beautiful isn’t she… (big smile) Thank you Jordan!!

    Also, don’t forget.. I will debate you as well, but I won’t have a clue what I will be talking about. We’ll let Don handle the intelligent banter, and I’ll just be debating you to debate you.. as usual. I’ll never grow up… I refuse! And you can’t make me! Hah.

  2. Here is one vote for “YES” to blogged philosophy essays. SWEET!

    Glad for the good day. They come along every once in a while. In a culturally constructed sense, of course. But almond coffee remains tasty.

    And when i read this post, I saw “Don has read my thesis unbelievingly.” And I was like, man, harsh. You may be interested that the prof I was talking to the other day told me a story about someone in a genetics class who said they “didn’t believe in genes.”

  3. LOL… I just had to say a little about what NYET said… I guess he doesn’t realize that what you said about your Popa Don was in a loving and totally thrilled voice. He doesn’t know how you and Don enjoy this banter does he? They should meet if it’s ever possible.
    Loved our phone visit the other day too. Thank you for the umpteenth time for making my day with it. Love you!!

  4. No, no – I realize, I just completely misread it on first glance, seeing “unbelievably” (in that he was kind enough to read the thesis) as “unbelievingly.” Don and Frank have had some great conversations on here, I’d definitely like to meet more of the Frankian clan. Of course, it’d had better happen in the next year or so, as everyone knows the world is going to end on April 1, 2008 due to global warming. At least that’s what Frank’s thesis said.

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