Free fall outta nothing

So at last, I have enough pictures of fall I feel I can share. The color up here is absolutely incredible, and highly enjoyable. Definitely not anything like fall in Texas! Enjoy, I sure did enjoy taking ’em! Be sure to let me know what you think!






5 responses to “Free fall outta nothing

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I’m so happy you kids are getting to live in such a beautiful area. Also, have you thought about trying to sell some of your photography? I’ve always been impressed with how you take shots, so mabey you could get a few published along with your study work. That would be neat. One day you need to try to go see the seasons around the world. Japan and China come to mind for just astounding beauty.

  2. Isn’t this fall season amazing? I wish Texas could experience anything like it. It is just so pretty out and nice to be out. You should look for corn mazes in your area, they are awesome and also only available in the fall.

  3. Nice pics – really love both the combos of fall colors on blue/green backgrounds, and also the fall colors on white background from the overcast days. The purple forest effect is muy bien as well. Looks like Illinois is not missing out on the autumnal beauty.

    Also looks like the university lawn-watering budget is not hurting… 🙂

  4. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween kids. If you can, make sure you hand out goodies cuz the little ones are the most fun!!

  5. I LIKE SQUIRRELS!! (raises large spoon in the air)

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