The death of a bachelor- ode to Nate

This post is an ode to Nate, I can’t remember if I ever gave my pictures from his wedding to him, so now I will post them here. The rest of you will be able to collectively go ‘awww’ at the sweetness within. Enjoy!

CLICK ME (This is a link to the slideshow)


4 responses to “The death of a bachelor- ode to Nate

  1. Hmm… nice pics, what I saw anyway. I’ve seen most of these on your PC last time you were here, so it was kinda deja vu ish. LOL, but I have a bit of a complaint.. the pics are large, which requires scrolling, but the timer is so quick it becomes a video game challenge to see the whole pic before it darts to the next one. I think I saw some kind of control options, but yer Momma ain’t quick enuf to click it.. he he.

  2. Yes, I figure there might be some overlap…hell, I may have even given these pics to Nate and family already. As far as the pics being to big, I take no responsibility, the link is to an outside url that is taking care of the slideshow for me…send your complaints there 😉

  3. Okay, I’ve got it all figured out now… I slowed it down and enjoyed it very much again. Favorites are as follows: Every shot of you and Jordan, every shot of the back of the little tykes head-and the ones head on as well (beautiful child and very like you for photographing, never still), landscapes=oooo..awsome, can’t remember if Pat and Sister are twins or not, but could almost be!, and finally… what is you’re obsession with backs and bottoms? I got such a kick out of the hike shots cuz so many show the others from the backside. LOL… thanks for the slideshow my love…. ps: love the shoe checks too!

  4. Thanks Frank–I hadn’t seen your pics yet. Always nice to go through the whole weekend again. And I had no idea you all had gone to Letchworth (I assume that’s where you went hiking, it looks familiar). Glad you got some quality sightseeing in upstate NY.

    And you and Jordan both looked skinnier at Thanksgiving! Way to go! 🙂


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