Life in the Bike Lane

Today was my first really cold commute. Actually, it really wasn’t all that cold…somewhere from about 29F-31F…but it was the coldest weather I have ridden in before. I have a 4 mile commute (8 mile roundtrip), and I was quite comfortable in my work clothes, wind/rain pants, a fleece jacket, homemade (gift from Edgar’s G-mother) knit hat, and windproof gloves. Actually it was very enjoyable, and I can’t wait to ride home later. I am excited to keep it up through the season. There is just something about the crazed/amazed looks you get on a bicycle from cars in this weather.

As it begins to get colder here, I look forward to the challenge and the opportunity for some good exercise. I have lost around 18 lbs since I started riding again, and my legs are beginning to get defined like they used to be when I was in high school…very cool (I think Jordan thinks so too 😉 ). It is neat to consider how many people bike in up here, though already that number is falling off, people just don’t seem to like the cold too much I guess.

I am reworking my thesis in an attempt to create something more meaningful, and it is slow and agonizingly painful as I am fighting with GIS scripts and defunked software with attitude. What’s more, I am trying to do all of this for a presentation on Friday, which needless to say isn’t at all done yet. Oh, and I have a harsh take-home midterm in OCH due Friday as well, which I’ll have to turn in Thursday because of the conference/presentation. Basically, I guess it is a typical week for me 😀


2 responses to “Life in the Bike Lane

  1. Okay, this is just the beginning! I stand by my theory of : No matter how big the knobbies on your knobby mountain bike tires are, you can’t ride a bike in 6 feet of snow!! I’d lay a wager on it but I don’t know how I’d collect except maybe getting to say “I told ya so” in the near future!! Have you thought about adding the treads off a snowmobile to the back, and a ski foot for the front? MMmmwwwaaaaaahahahahahaha

  2. MMMmmmmmm Apple “Buttah”

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