Bike Review: Ongoing

Well, I have noticed over the last few weeks with family friends and all that most of you are speculative of my choice to ride throughout the winter. So, in true form, I think it will be instructive to post here about how my rides go to prove you all wrong (or right, I guess if I wimp out). First, let me state some ground rules. I an going to attempt to ride as much as possible through the winter, though I will not risk arm and limb if it is really cruddy out there. I’ll post some details of my ride (partly for my own recollection later) including what I wore, how the ride felt, how far, and stuff like that. I figure that either way, you the readers will get a kick out of my experience, and if I do keep on truckin’ (bikin’) then I’ll have a feather in my cap to rub it in all of your faces later 😉 So without further ado, my first ‘logged’ ride:

11/26/07 1:30pm/4:30pm

Temp. is hovering around 35F, with freezing drizzle. I wore jeans and a sweater, wool socks, knit gloves, and a wool knit hat with my light fleece jacket. I actually overdressed I think, as I still broke a sweat by the time I got to school. It was a fun ride, and left me exhilarated and ready to write this rather than work went I got the office! Total trip distance was about 3.9 miles one way, and I averaged a slow 12mph (I blame turkey, Aunt June, and family! 😉 ). The ride home was also fine, though I had to ride into the wind, and my ears hurt from the cold as I type this. I saw a few flurries, but nothing substantial. Overall a good bike day, tomorrow should be a little warmer.


2 responses to “Bike Review: Ongoing

  1. I sit perched in steady silence, waiting, baited breath…. waiting (devious smile slowly creeps across face lit with sparkling half squinting eyes…. ah, my pretty.. my precious…….

  2. Hmmmm… I notice a big fat caveat in that little “if “really cruddy” line. Smacks of an escape clause. Is it possible to have a 3rd person objective assessment of cruddiness? I don’t trust him, no matter how frank he is. Also, bike + log = blog. So this is turning into a blog blog. Excellent excellent.

    (FTR, I fully support Frank’s bike-riding through the death of winter – I used to walk a mile and back (uphill, both ways) through the snow from the commuter rail to school in Boston, so it can be done. I think the main thing to look out for is slushy ice and stupid drivers, not so much snow).

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