Bike ride today

11/28/07 1pm

I worked from home yesterday, and therefor didn’t ride, it would have sucked too, the weathre was pretty cold, but today it has wormed up a little and I had a pleasant ride in. Temp was a balmy 47F. I wore jeans, wool socks, a long sleeve polo with a fleece jacket. I also brought along my knit hat and gloves for the ride home. The ride home was much the same, with temps around 45F. The only downside to riding home later is that it gets dark up here so early! I have lights and reflective stuff to stay visible, and I am really careful, and choosy about my routes, but it is still a pain. I always ride slower in the dark.

Tomorrow should be fun, as I have to be up at school at 8:30a, which really means 8:00ish so I can cool down, and the temps should be around 20F, and it is lightly raining right now, meaning light ice for the ride in the morning! We will see how it goes, this will be the first icy ride of the season.


One response to “Bike ride today

  1. Hmmm.. I see how you carefully worded that to avoid a “Momma Speech”. Nice touch.

    Oh Blast it.. you know it’s comming don’t you!

    Momma Speech.. Momma Speech.

    :\ can’t help it.. Mothers are worry-ers. Be careful out there.

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