Bike log… for today


Left the house at 8am to make sure I got to school early enough for a presentation this morning. It was a good ride, if a little cold, coming in at 22°F. Again, I think I overdressed, but not by much. I wore my thermals, blue jeans, wool socks, a light sweat shirt, and my REI wind breaker. Oh, and my knit hat, a balaclava and windproof gloves. There was some light rain last night and thus a few spots with a little ice, but for the most part the wind had dried the roads overnight. I rather enjoyed the ride in today.

The ride home was much warmer ;), with temps around 30°F and dry. I packed in some of the clothes I wore this morning and had a jolly time! BTW, I am officially under 230 lbs again, that’s a first since high school. Feels great!


One response to “Bike log… for today

  1. Wooo Hooo! Sounds like a good ride! But I’m sure glad it’s not me doing it. I would have frozen solid before I even managed to get on the bike, much less started moving… lol

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