Turkey Day and those in proximity

So finally, after a big delay due to the onslaught of the real world, I am taking some time to give the skinny on Jordan and I’s Thanksgiving holiday 2007 (I hear the collective oos and ahhhs). We left our poor sweet little kitties on Wednesday night early as a preemptive strike against the first real winter storm of the season. We drove to St. Louis and stayed the night with Jordan’s Great Aunt June, who I am convinced was trying to get us fat so that we could be the turkey. We walked in at around 10pm, and she immediately went to work heating up 4 Panninis, got out cookies, made coffee, made Strawberry Jello with bananas, had a fruit and veggie tray, and a gallon of ice cream with cool whip ready before we sat down. Keep in mind we ate on the road. June was quick, you would politely snack on something, and before you finished chewing she had some more stuff in front of you! The best was the ice cream ‘fiasco’. I was being polite and eating lightly, and after we had finished, June got out ice cream, I told her I was fine, as did Jordan, and then Jordan and I got lost in conversation about something. Next thing I know, June has half a gallon of ice cream in a bowl for me, and is working on putting the other half in! I stop her and graciously take the dessert, and snidely offer Jordan some, to which she gave a sly smile and declined. Back to our conversation. Before you knew it, there was the other half gallon sitting in front of Jordan! Classic! Needless to say, we ate too much over the trip, and June was happy to be the first to contribute. Julie came over and we had a good chat before turning in for the night. We may be heading to Edwardsville for Christmas depending on how plans go.

Luckily, the winter storm didn’t amount to much but cold temps in St. Louis, so in the morning our flight was on time and pleasant. Upon arriving, Pat and Paige picked us up and we were on the way. This year, the Turkey dance was a hit, though Nate must have heard wrong and done the robot chicken:

In case you can’t read it, the dastardly ducks were named Chief Shock Gobble and Lemons O’Toole. They were quite tasty, especially combined with Max’s divine ham, Beck’s rolls and creamed pearl onions, and mashed yam casserole. Yum. the how was brought to a standstill with puns galore around the table, though I think Ron took the cake with the most poultry, foul pun: “That’s only two thirds of PUN” in response to another stinky pun. Table silence, followed by resumation of convo, and then Ron’s quip, “How do you spell PUN?” made the whole scene exquisite, and it is a shame any of you missed out.

Friday, Jordan and I went to Austin via SM to close out our Texas bank accounts, Jordan got to see her mother hen at her old job, and then we headed out to BFE to see some of my family, namely Peg, Paul, Don, and Stephanie. Lots of dogs out there now, two of which: Bonnie and Clyde, I managed to set free, making Paul spend 30 minutes trying to track em down. We had just missed Don and Barbara, to which I am very sad, but completely understanding, and we missed the bulk of family obviously. My cousin Chad is 18…wow! I know that may not mean much to some of you, but I recall like it was yesterday when he was just a little (brat 😉 ) kid. Yeesh, I’m getting old! When we got back to SA town, we were commissioned as mattress testers, as the new mattress (aka brick) that Pat had bought for the guest room wasn’t fitting the bill. By this time Edgar had showed up, after leaving in the morning (read 1:15pm) and we all went out to the mattress store. After playing Goldylocks, we went to Mamma Margies for some excellent cheopo tex-mex (something lacking up here in corn land) and margaritas. Here’s a picture of Edgar at his finest to break things up:

Saturday Jordan and I headed back up to Austin to see friends. we had a great time with the likes of Debbie, Derick, Cole, Katie, Nicole, Erin, Edgar, and later Paige. Went to Trudy’s and had more awesome Tex-Mex ala Austin style, and took some shots:

And for the piece de résistance:

Awesome. After Trudy’s and a moment (or several) of indecision, we broke up and some of us took the drive to see Paige’s and Aaron’s dive in Round Rock. Not half bad. The place is nice, and actually it was cleaner than expected. Paige’s room wasn’t any worse than mine all through college, and whats more it was adorned with a lovely frame and degree from UTSA. Nice. I refrained from picture taking while there to protected the indemnity of the accused. Aaron’s room was expertly decorated, and truthfully a little cleaner than Paige’s. It was nice to seem them in their natural habitat for sure! Their living room was set up perfect, with just as much seating as was necessary, and the obligatory beer fridge was well stocked with PBR and NB No. 2, and Fireman’s 4. Nice. Too bad I couldn’t drink, but I did waft some hops for good measure. It was good to see everybody, and I am so glad we had the opportunity!

Sunday, we just kind of hung loose before heading to the airport. We had an early dinner of leftovers with Max, Linda and Dave and were on our way. The flight home was 30 minutes delayed, and very bumpy as we crossed a strong system, but luckily we made up time and were quickly on the road out of St. Louis. All of this recent talk of eating healthy had me thinking (unfortunately as we sat to eat dinner at McDonalds on the road) about how interesting the world is. At McDonalds across from us was a kid, not more than 12 who we watched eat a double quarter pounder, fries, and a refilled drink, followed by a McFlurry all in the time we ate our meal. I was sick, and literally couldn’t finish my food. The realization of that kid’s obesity, and the thought of how close he is to hypertension, and other risk factors at AGE 12! was too much to bear. All the while his family seemed never to give it a second thought. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be going to McDonalds again anytime soon. The rest of the drive was uneventful, unless you call rain the whole way turning to freezing rain in the last 60 mile and ‘event’. We made it safely home with no further issues.

It turns out our kitties did miss us, and apparently didn’t eat much while we were gone which made Jordan and I very sad, almost tearful, but it was great to see them and know the actually remembered who we were when we walk through the front door. All things are good in the world now, and for those of you who actually stuck it out for this whole post, a reward of some other pictures we took and a cool vid to send you on your way:

Awesome time lapse video of a cat nap (taken from Nyet’s “You can’t handle the cute”):


2 responses to “Turkey Day and those in proximity

  1. Awesome blog dear. Sounds like you guys had the absolute best Thanksgiving anyone could have!! Great to see all the photo’s to. You look mah-veh-luss , absolutely mah-veh-luss dah-link. And I just love the two photo switch, naughty , 😀 .

    Looking forward to what you’ll put here for the Christmas scenes.
    Love ya :}

  2. Excellent Post, sir. For the record, that is simply the robot, and not the robot chicken. My face goes “cluck cluck” when I do the robot chicken.

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