What’s this white stuff?

So alas, winter isn’t even technically here yet, but we have a not so atypical snow here in Illinois. Actually, it is quite wonderful, and believe it or not, Jordan is also amused and happy to be in it. The snow came in Tuesday late night and a little more on Wednesday. We go around 1-2 inches, and the coolest thing is that it hasn’t melted yet. That’s a new one for me! Here are some of the latest pictures from around town and at our apartment (and yes, I did ride in this yesterday):

This is Altgeld hall, the math department. Funny thing: There are chimes that ring with the time, and occasionally give concerts. They are finally in tune! It tells you that they were built in a colder time!

Yes, I did ride. Expect blog at the end of the week for all my exploits ala cycle

I’m excited, as currently the snow is still around (its 28°F as I write this) and we are slated to get another 3-4 inches later tonight into tomorrow!


2 responses to “What’s this white stuff?

  1. Bless you child for the visual effects. Get used to it though.. the snow is just beginning… ask your father about boot camp up there years ago, and the “blizzard”.

  2. Oh no worries, I know what I’m in for. And I’m ready! I still haven’t broken out the really warm stuff, and truthfully, I’ll do better in the snow/ice than the car traffic will.

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