Bike Week Log

I thought I would try something different this week and post one log for all my rides (And you just thought I gave up!).

12/3 Monday. Morning. 18-19°F. Cold + Dry + exercise = Cool steaming head effect… It was a nice ride, when I stopped and parked the bike, took off my gloves and unzipped my jacket, I got the cool steaming head/body trick going on. Awesome. I wore jeans, knit socks and hat, my patagonia base layer top, a fleece and wind suit w/ gloves and was quite happy with the ride. In fact I took a longer route just because I could. There was spotty ice, but nothing too bad. I changed to my “winter” tires last night, so I was a little slower, but otherwise fine. Evening. 25-27°F. A good ride, I took a slightly longer/hillier route and scaled back on the clothes. I was a little cold in the extremities, but otherwise okay. Total miles for the day: 8.5

12/4 Tuesday.I didn’t commute in today, instead I worked from home. Might be some snow tomorrow!

12/5 Wednesday. Morning. One word: SNOW! Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, we are just an hour and a half south of Chicago. It started snowing about 9pm last night. Mostly light stuff, but we did accumulate around an inch, it would have probably been a little more but over night it warmed just a bit and melted some of it off. However, it cooled down by morning, and my commute was in a temp of about 27°F. The roads were fine, some ice, but I never even slipped on the bike. It was truly beautiful! I took a few pics, though none really of the ride (it’s a pain to stop, take gloves off, not get run over, etc.). word is, we may be in for some more of the white stuff Thursday and Friday. I’m really excited, though the ride was slower, it was some of the most fun I’ve had in years! Winter, bring it on! Evening. Temp 20°F. The ride was mainly uneventful. I did manage to get home at the same time as Jordan, and I even had some time to play in the snow/ice mix. It was good as it gave me a little more confidence about riding in the icy stuff. Tomorrow I think I’ll work from home, but if it snows again I may go out and play a bit!

12/6 Thursday. I was lazy today and didn’t ride, but I did go for a walk to the post office for stamps. It was nice and chilly at 13°F, and a total walk of about 1.8 miles. There was patchy ice and left over snow from Wednesday, but otherwise the roads and sidewalks were clear. Tonight the really fun begins as a fast moving system is predicted to lay out another 3-4 inches of the white stuff. Muy beuno!

12/7 Friday. Temp 30°F. Technically I didn’t commute today, but I did ride my bike! We did get the predicted snow, and it was glorious! Prolly ended up with an average of 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Last night Jordan and I took a walk at the end of the show in our snow boots. I have got to say it is one of the most surreal, serene things to be the first out on fresh snow at night. All the sounds are dampened, and the snow reflects a soft glow of light. Really nice stuff. So, the ride. This morning after I helped Jordan with the car, I took the bike for a joy ride of sorts. I went to the store first to get some supplies to my Grandma Baker’s Cheese Ball for a holiday geography party tonight, then, since I was basically in a big refrigerator, I took off for a 6 mile joy ride through the snow. I am officially snow christened. I remember being a kid at the golf course in Jacksboro and having one hell of a hard time with snow. I guess I was to small and not strong enough, nor knew the joy that is gearing! I purposely avoided the roads so that I would be able to ride through the thick, unplowed stuff. I felt like a little kid to be sure! For my own ratification, I did ride through the ‘dangerous’ mucky plow stuff to see whether or not I could ride my bike through the slippy stuff. I did slip around quite a bit, and I could definitely see the benefit to studded winter tires however once I loosened up and relaxed a bit, I remembered the days of crazy mountain biking and rode without a hitch for my last couple of miles through the guck. Unless it is nothing but polished ice, I think the setup I currently have will do fine. I took several pictures of my ride as well as the campus, but I’ll post those in a separate blog later tonight. When I got home, I tried to shake off as much snow as I could off the bike, but this proved to be a waste of time, so I just took the bike inside. The cats had a field day trying to figure out what the hell this wet, cold stuff was falling onto the kitchen floor. Hilarious! Until next week!


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  1. Awsome! Loved the walk with Jordan part. Looking forward to tonights offering. 😀

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