Belated pictures of snow

I know, I said I would post pics from my ride and didn’t…oops. I am currently writing a final exam take home essay (that will end up in an adapted form here) about geography as a discipline and why I even bother with it. So for now, just an easy picture post.

Below are a random assortment of images from a winter wonderland bike joy ride through snow and some campus shots. Enjoy (btw, that snowman was made by engineering students and is about 10 feet tall…figures).

And finally, Jordan’s new favorite Christmas song…Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey (as apposed to Italian Stallion!)


3 responses to “Belated pictures of snow

  1. Nice.. but the video was screwed. Said “was no longer available” Bummer.. looked like I would have enjoyed it!!

  2. Hey, I checked the vid, it works fine on my machine, try again later.

  3. Oh My … I got it to play!! I LOVE it! I’m going to have to post in on a bulletin in my myspace page… ha ha.. eee aawwww eeee awwww

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