More Snow Extravaganza

You regular readers have probably notice there are no new bike log reports as of late. Well, it is true, I haven’t been riding nearly as much, but it is not due to lack of will. I haven’t been riding because I’ve got nowhere to go. School is out, and I had a meeting or two, but honestly I have just been working at home. However, just to prove nothing is amiss, I took a ride to run some errands today. We are going to a “to the birds” ornament party tonight, so I took a ride to pick up peanuts and pine cones. Had a blast, and got in around 3 miles. Oh, temp was at 25F° with around 3 inches of snow with hardpack. The roads were mostly clear, but I had to ride very carefully nonetheless.

Here are some pictures from the last storm. Relish in all that is snowiness…

I threw Jordan in the snow…hilarity ensued.

Meet “Bob”, Jordan and I’s first snowman

Hey! Stop cheating on my wife you cold bastard! Bob, I thought you were our cool friend…

Snow angels are so…angelic

You can see some more images by clicking here.


2 responses to “More Snow Extravaganza

  1. Oh.. I love these. You two look like you’re having such a great time. 😀

  2. We love seeing you two so happy. Your pictures bring back favorite snow memories from Missouri and Iowa. I don’t know if Ron has any favorite snow memories from Canada (he claims to be totally content without it now). Keep playing!

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