Merry Christmas

Well, it’s finally here. Christmas Eve is upon us. I hope all of you have a wonderful, peaceful, and enjoyable time doing whatever it is your doing from Rochester, to Kelso, to Jacksboro, Atkins, and San Antonio. Jordan and I will be thinking of and missing you all.

Funny thing worth mentioning, yesterday was Dave’s (Jordan’s Uncle) birthday, and in all time classic Johnson/Ellis clan style, they called all the satellite family members up with cell phones and we joined in a intranational cacophony of birthday song butchering. Fun times. My fondest memory of the experience was the five minutes from Linda and Pat of, “Frank, Jordan, are you there? Can you hear us?” followed by joyous yells of “YES!” on our part. Poor Dave, and he thought the singing couldn’t be any worse. Shows him!

I leave you with a cool online art gallery I saw on Digg to get you into the mood:


One response to “Merry Christmas

  1. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Frank, Jordan, Milo, and Allie! Hope you guys are warm and comfortable and I hope you revel in the love and care of all your many friends and family.

    ps: We (Mom and I) absolutely love the Apple Butter… great job!

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