Christmas unwrapped (updated)

Well I had a wonderful time, hope you did too! This year Jordan and I were all alone, we were invited to Edwardsville to celebrate with June and the lot on the 29th, but we couldn’t go due to Jordan’s work schedule. I’m sure we would have popped from overeating anyway, but it was still a bummer that we couldn’t go. That’s alright though, because we will be visiting with them in a couple of days.

So, needless to say we kept it pretty low key for this first Christmas in Illinois. Jordan and I exchanged our gifts on the ‘eve. I got Jordan a nice dainty gold bracelet she had been eyeing for awhile. She got me three much anticipated DVDs: Pirates of the Caribeann 2 & 3, and the Bourne Ultimatum…awesome. Also, since I tried to sabatoge her during our Thanksgiving travels by stashing my Gerber multi-tool terrorist weapon in her bag at the airport, Jordan replaced my terror kit with a cool little Swiss Army credit card thingy. And as per request by mom, here is a picture of it in all its glory:

The next morning we (read I) eagerly got up at 7:30am to open the presents from the rest of the family. A wonderful and fun time to be sure. In highlights, Pat and Ron got Jordan a set of mint molds, which will be broken in next week, and they also chipped in for a gift certificate to go see the Chicago Symphony on their home turf! I can’t wait to make a weekend trip of it! We got some amazingly soft throws from Linda and Dave, and I also got the Planet Earth series on DVD. Needless to say, I’ll be watching movies for awhile 🙂

Jordan and I are  über excited to be having Pat and Ron visit us next weekto bring in the new year. I am stoked! It should be a lot of fun, if a little cold. I was originally thinking we could walk around downtown or campustown, but I am not sure how Pat and Ron would feel about an extended outside experience in the teens. We will see. I am hoping we might see some snow also. Not that they have never seen it, with Ron from Hamilton, Ontario and Pat from St. Loius, they are quite familiar with it, but it would still be nice. I’ll of course post a blog of the events of that sure to be entertaining visit as they progress.


3 responses to “Christmas unwrapped (updated)

  1. Hmmm… what’s that longest part.. to the right? Better blast me an email telling me all the tools and what they do or I’ll dither it. Ugh… that’s all for now.. typing isn’t that easy tonite. Love ya.

  2. I just wanted to pass on that your Grandmother informed me today that they have already finished off the best apple butter they have ever had. Oh, and mine is only half full…. great job guys, but just not enough of it. 😀

  3. Dear Frank and Jordan, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and please tell Pat and Ron HAPPY NEW YEAR!! to them also. Ask Ron if he’s still muttering about me cutting in on his dance at your wedding receiption. LOL We hope that the year 2008 brings events that will be fond memories for the rest of your lives.
    Don and Barbara

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