My New Years Resolutions

Here are my resolutions for the year (at least some)

  1. Read as much as I can. Academic and otherwise. So far I’m doing ok at that, I read plenty of scholarly articles, but I need to try and increase the literature in my life nonetheless.
  2. Rely less of my car and the bus. I am trying to really go for broke this year and live “car-lite”.  This means that if I want to go somewhere without Jordan toting me around in the car, I’ll ride or walk. I was already beginning to do this last year, but I plan on taking it up a notch.
  3. Ride at least 2,000 miles this year. Self explanatory and linked with #2.
  4. Cook healthy, fresh foods for which I know all of the ingredients. We also started doing this already as most of you know. I want to keep it up, even as times and schedules get tight through the year.
  5. Continue to lose  weight, hopefully dropping to the 200 lb mark or below. According to my height and age, my optimum body weight is between 185-195 lb. I’m not there yet at 227 lb, but considering from just following resolutions #2-4 at the end of last year I dropped 28 lb from my max weight of 255 lb, I’d say I’m on a good start.
  6. Learn to shred major guitar rockage in my scant spare time. The best Christmas gift by far this year (besides my health and a loving wife) has been my guitar. I want to get better at it through the year so that I can swoon Jordan and other passerby’s with my Siren songs.

Do you guys have any interesting resolutions? Let me know in the comments if you care to.


3 responses to “My New Years Resolutions

  1. Good luck with the resolutions in ’08. Regards, John

  2. Good list!. I didn’t make any this year because I knew I wouldn’t follow through. But now that I’ve finally seen a specialist for my Fibro, maybe I can say that I would like to try to get back into some semblance of shape… I just love golf!!

  3. Don’t forget to learn “Home On the Range” on the guitar. LOL That’s the only one I know on the harmonica. Remember that?

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