The coolest picture known to man…

Well maybe not, but I think it is awesome. The beer is a ultra nice, hops loaded, smooth hand crafted IPA called Burning River. It was a gift from Erinn and Shala for watching their cats over the break while they were with family in Ohio. Obviously it is a very well thought out gift on their part. The beer comes from the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, OH and is named for the 1969 burning of the Coyahoga River. If you don’t know about that environmental travesty, it was one of many times the river caught fire, but this particular incident caught the popular media’s attention with a cover story in Time Magazine. Actually, that article was a major driving force in the creation and ratification of the Clean Water Act and the modern environmental movement. Anyway, it is a nice gift, and a very nice beer.

What makes this picture even more cool is the guitar in the background. I haven’t really put it down since we got it. I’m totally new to the instrument, but I guess I have a bit of an edge with 15 years of violin under my belt. I have figured out and can play all of the open chords, and am working on the harder barr chords. So far I have a few songs in my repertoire as well:

  • Jeff Buckleys cover of Hallelujah, I can even sing with this one, though I need a capo to play in the same key as Jeff.
  • Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, well of course I had to learn that!
  • REM’s Everybody Hurts
  • Caedmon’s Call Shifting Sand, it’s a Christian acoustic band that has some nice tunes, and is one of Jordan’s favs.

It’s been fun so far. Once I am pretty sure I’ve got the hang of things, I’ll likely start writing some of my own stuff, oh and playing lots of Beatles. Peace out…


One response to “The coolest picture known to man…

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the guitar. It’s cool to be able to play just about anything isn’t it? Looks like an interesting brew too, and I absolutely love the story behind it.

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