Pictures forthcoming

Today was the first day of the season I didn’t ride (by choice). I have missed a few days due to being sick or having an early meeting, but otherwise no matter the weather I have ridden in. Today I drove in. We got 11 inches overnight with drifts up to 3 feet maybe more. I spent my morning digging out the car for Jordan to go to work, and then made the decision to drive her into work.

They plowed the parking lot early in the morning, essentially burying all the cars. We don’t have a snow shovel, so I had to kick it away. After clearing the snow away as best I could, it still took several attempts just to get out of the parking spot. It was pretty bad. The drive in wasn’t too bad, but it was very slippery. I don’t get morning commute drivers though. They do such stupid things. A short list:

  • not clearing the foot of snow off their cars (can you see me…NO!)
  • tailgating and cutting drivers off by inches to get by a bus
  • not carefully applying the brakes and sliding through an entire intersection (luckily the other drivers were more aware)
  • trying to parallel park in a snow bank…flooring it to get unstuck, then slamming into the car in front of them…
  • talking on the cell and hanging their cigarette out the window (driving by your knees?)

All in all, it was a crazy morning. I’ll be taking pictures throughout the day to be posted later. And I may go for a ride tomorrow after the roads are plowed a little better to make up some mileage (and play in the snow).


3 responses to “Pictures forthcoming

  1. Wow… they really are nutty drivers up there. I just thought that was a southern jab at northerners! Ha ha

    Be careful out there! And thank you so much for teaching Jordan how to drive in this stuff!!!!!

  2. Sounds like it kinda makes you nervous! You’ll get used to it. Your description of the cigarette out the window made me feel my shirt pocket for a pack!! LOL
    Next year, you’ll be a pro at it.

  3. Mom is stamping her feet and shakin’ her fist in the air sayin ” Pictures, where are my pictures… I want my stinkin’ pictures…. We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!!”


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