I am a master of science…

No really, see:

The diploma finally came in the mail yesterday. I’m a happy PhD student officially now. And becuase I’m feeling saucy, how about some cute pics of the kitties.


7 responses to “I am a master of science…

  1. Wow… what a gorgeous piece of paper.!!!

    It’s beautiful isn’t it. 😀

  2. Where is the connection between PHD and Pussycat ?

  3. Fellow blog surfer eenx, I guess you have a point. The link is somewhere in my twisted mind. Thanks for reading.

  4. Congrats Frank.

    Where does “Master of Science” fall on the HeMan “masters of the Universe” continuum?

  5. Ha! I can answer eenx’s comment… they are his children at the moment.. showing off your children is almost the same as showing off your degree. LOL 😀

  6. A standing ovation for the Master of the Geography Universe! My vote is to get that document framed now. Your wall has the spot ready and waiting, and we want to see it in its full glory next visit.

  7. I think I sense a swelled head in the area!! Congratulations!! You know we are proud of you, and brag on you with all our friends. Earl and Elains asked us to pass on their congrats for them. We love you both.

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