Snow, books, and the dark (red) side of the moon

Today has been a wonderful, but cold day. It is snowing, and will continue to do so until tomorrow night. Last night was perfectly clear, and very cold, which made viewing the total lunar eclipse a real joy. I took a few pictures, below is what’s worth looking at.

I am in the middle of my literature review (still), and today, I spent my time looking for some of the books and articles the U of I library doesn’t have online. This meant a trip to 3 different libraries scattered about campus. The main stacks was my first stop. This is the heart of U of I’s collection, and is a fantastic adventure. The floors are compacted and not full height, so I have to duck as I’m going through. It is dark, dank, and smelled of ancient books. You would truly be hard pressed to see so many books in one place anywhere in the country (Lib. of Congress excluded). I got what I needed there, and headed over to my favorite library so far, geology. I love this place. It’s tucked in-between two floors, and I could literally spend weeks there reading. It is a dangerous place! From there, I went to Grainger, the engineering library, a grandious post-modern design building that is more a work of art than a building. Though not dank and dark like the other libraries, this place is still impressive.

All the while today, I was walking through a snow storm to each destination. It is actually quite relaxing to walk through the snow like that. Your feet, and all the sounds around you are dampened, and it leaves you alone in your thoughts. Though I am ready for spring and warmier times, there is something I will always miss about winter weather.

Now, it’s back to burying myself in articles until next time…


One response to “Snow, books, and the dark (red) side of the moon

  1. Great Moon!

    Your Lil’Grandma would absolutely love to spend time in that first library. The smell of old books would make her feel like she was in heaven.
    The walk thru the snow is so awesome… You know I hate the cold, but the muffled sounds of walking in the snow is one of nature’s many wonderful gifts. Enjoy!

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