Took a nice ride through the corn fields today [pictorial]

Finally, the weather and my schedule worked out so that I could take a little jaunt out into the country. Total ride was just under just over 19 miles, and it was so peaceful to be alone with my thoughts, the rolling road, and the breeze.

That’s the “mighty” Kaskaskia River about 10 miles from its source. All the small creeks are ditched and straightened like that here in order to drain the field tiles.

Obligatory bicycle shot 1

That pretty much wraps up the scenery here. Also, this is township and range country, which makes for some of the straightest long stretches of road. Sometimes, like today, that’s good, other times it will drive you mad.

Obligatory rolling cockpit shot

All of the little towns in this area serve one purpose: Get the corn and soy beans to market. This being the case, these little towns spring up around a RR track with a grain mill/silo.

Seymour, IL. Not much here other than the silo…though there were a few quaint, if run down houses.

Bondville, IL, the next town over.

Pretty much self-explanatory

Obligatory rolling shadow shot. It must have been the 1st time I’ve see the sun since October!

Obligatory bike shot 2 This is the foot bridge over Copper Slough about 100 yards from my house.

Overall it was a wonderful ride. I got fresh air, didn’t freeze (even though there is still snow and ice about), and got the invigorating feeling of renewed motivation for more, longer rides! I hope next week works out so I can go explore some of the many other little farm towns around here.


2 responses to “Took a nice ride through the corn fields today [pictorial]

  1. Oh I so enjoyed this bike trip! I am most amazed by the fact that it’s so FLAT up there. And I thought the “plains and praries” in my neck of the woods was flat! Ha ha.

    Stay safe (Momma speach) and healthy!
    Love ya!!

  2. Have I told you lately what a great person you are?… well, you are.

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