My week in review

Well, actually it is more than a week I guess. Let’s see, Debbie and Derak got married, and Jordan had a great time down in SA town with friends and family. I went to a talk by Chris Paola on sandbox stratigraphy. Fun stuff that was. I had seen Chris talk in San Francisco in 2006 about this particular lab. Basically he and his research team are able to produce landscapes and landscape change due to subsidence using a very cool, custom designed ‘sandbox’ with which they can selectively lower or raise areas of the surface in a very similar manner to natural subsidence of the earth’s crust.

I have been trying to write down my beliefs, and I am getting somewhere, but it is nowhere near done. This is a difficult process to be sure, but I do feel it is good to do. It makes sure I really do believe whatever I say I do, having to think it through logically. I recommend anybody to do the same thing.

The weather is great this week. Sunny and clear, we may be actually approaching Spring at last! Now of course, I had a crown put in yesterday, making bike riding impossible. Though actually, after the procedure, I was so numb I couldn’t feel my eyelid! I guess I could have ridden with that, but I wised up and didn’t. I hurt pretty bad yesterday, no pain meds, just Moltrin. And technically I guess I didn’t hurt enough to justify anything stronger, though even with a 800mg dose every 6 hours I was still throbbing the entire day. Today, thank God, I feel fine. My jaw is still sore, but the throbbing is long gone.

I have an all day training session on using dGPS (differential Global Positioning Systems) tomorrow, and I am really stoked. This equipment I’ll be using is awesome, and I would have never had the opportunity at Texas State or likely even Simon Fraser. It is also cool, because it is Jim Best’s equipment, and more than likely he’ll be on my committee, so I should be able to use the stuff for my work! Combine that with the two ADVs, and a host of other equipment, and I am in a sweet, sweet spot for top notch research.

Speaking of, the PhD topic continues to evolve and shift, as is to be expected this first year I guess. As some of you know, the Copper Slough project went bust, which I am okay with. I was then looking into pool-riffle sequence maintenance, but I have been broadening that as I continue to get into the literature. Now I am considering looking at complex meander bends and investigation fluid flow and sediment transport in those bends. After a long meeting with Bruce, it seems that we don’t know why we get such complex migration patterns in these meander loops. Maybe something to do with the phase lag between curvature effects and bed topography. Fun stuff.

I have a major midterm on Friday that  I am a little worried about, though I probably will do fine. And I also have been coding in MATLAB to come up with decent batch processing techniques for ADV data. If you have any advice, feel free 🙂

Well, as you can tell, I am busy, saturated in work, literature, and Novocaine. So generally things are good for me, but don’t be expecting huge blogs over the next weeks while I try to catch up! 🙂


One response to “My week in review

  1. This sounds so cool. And I think that your new project sounds like a lot more fun. You are going to be looking at things that have always been interesting to me about water works. I’ve often wondered about how rivers/streams move around so much over time. You can almost compare it to letting a small rivulet of water from a hose or even the kitchen sink, walk all over a smooth surface.. after it works out it’s surface tension a bit, it will start wagging, like a snake or something. Just like a fire hose that’s gotten loose. It’s neat.
    Also, starting on April 15th, I’m going to be getting 11 teeth yanked out.. and will get fit for the full uppers. Joy.
    Love ya

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