Bears and bike ninjas

This is a fantastic ad for bicycle awareness. Now admittedly, most of us commuter bikers wear visible clothing and can’t dance, but the message is still the same. However, there are still many car-bike acciedients around. Drivers should be more aware, and repect our right to be on the road. Eventually, maybe not that far into the future (read: summer) driver might realize how much cheaper cycling is for transportation, especially for short trips under 3 miles.

Some bike ninjage:


6 responses to “Bears and bike ninjas

  1. Portland, Oregon is a big biking town, and they’ve had two or three fatalaties in the last month. They are trying out a new marking system at intersections down town. It looks like it will help some. I’ll see if I can find something on it to post for you.

  2. Here is a URL about the new intersections for bikers.

  3. I’ve seen this clip, about a month ago actually. It’s pretty interesting how our minds ignore seemingly amazing things when we concentrate on some singular task isn’t it.

    I’m sorry that I just don’t get the bike ninja cartoon… just can’t wrap my brain around it at all.
    Love ya.

  4. Don, I moved your comment. Those bike lanes are awesome! Here in Champaign, they are about to install sharrows and make cross town bikeways, I am relatively luck here. In San Marcos, there was nothing…

    Mom, ‘bike ninja’ is a term us cyclists use to describe riders you do not wear visible clothing, use reflectors, or have lights/blinkies on their bikes. These people are essentially invisible, especially at night. It’s a death wish…

  5. Oooohh! I get it!
    Just another generational gap thingy though.. first I got bamboozled by your sayings when you were a teen in high school, now this. Sigh… I’m trying my best to learn how to speak text to keep up, now this. hahahahaha
    Love ya!!

  6. Do Reindeer ever get kooties?

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