Linking to the work of others…

First, a massive, superlative filled, bestest, greatest, wonderfulest, congratulations are in order for my cousin Nate who found out last week that he has a full ride to ASU Philosophy. The world better watch out for this guy, and college sophomores of the future will be curing his name along with Kant, Descartes and the like in Gen-Ed philo (well maybe not, but it sure would be funny!) Good job man! Grad school is a lot of work, but it is incredibly fulfilling, and worth every drop. Just remember, in the words of my advisor, “Grad school is training, get done, and get the Hell out of my office.”

No real content today. Just wanted to share two way awesome comic blog strips that made me laugh heartily:

As the well seasoned field dude that I am, this comic speaks volumes. No wonder I don’t take Jordan out to the field anymore! Something tells me she doesn’t get all excited about seeing shear layers, eddy shedding, and sediment transport. Alas, the live of a researcher. Nate, watch out!

Awesome. You don’t know how many times this goes on in my head! Peace out.


11 responses to “Linking to the work of others…

  1. Gracias hombre. As for being a name that torments college sophomores for millenia to come, well, one can dream. Have you ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons.

    Yikes. I am glad to hear a realistic, “this will be hard work” account from a real-life grad student. My friend Craig who does aerospace-engineering grad school work is in town for a conference, and he echoes your sentiment: get in, get out. I think there will be a whole lot of contemplation and questions that begin with “what do you mean by” inbetween.

    Thanks for the props. Hope all is well.

  2. Congratulations, Nate!! Would like to know the full name of ASU. Where is it? Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Albania? I enjoy Phylosophy, but not much schooling on the subject. I read the Republic, and a little of Aristotle, but not enough to carry on a conversation about him.

  3. Hey Papa Don,

    It’s Arizona State University, here in lovely Phoenix. And I’ll be doing a sort of philosophy of science program (it’s actually called “Biology and Society,” somewhat vaguely) mainly involving cotemporary and continental philosophy, so probably not a whole lot of Aristotle. WHo,as mentioned, is a moron. 🙂

    Here’s to not attending “Albania State University!!! HA!!!

  4. Sounds like maybe a lot of stem cell research and abortion discussions!! Among others of course. It does sound interesting!! Lucky you.

  5. Hey, I actually thought these comics were funny. Does this mean I get a cookie?

    Congrats Nyet… I know you’ll do great. Frank has so much faith in you that I can’t go wrong knowing you’ll do exactly as he says you will. Arizona… nice. I’ve always loved the desert.. lots of artists out there.

    Oh, and Hi Don! I would debate with you as well, but I’d loose too quickly.. ha ha.

  6. Hi Laura, that’s okay, I don’t know what your beliefs are so there’s nothing to debate about, but I do love to debate, and Frank isn’t using this space for much so if you come up with somehting let me know. LOL

  7. Nate, I am wondering why you think Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are morons.

  8. Sorry Papa Don – it’s a joke, a quote from the movie “The Princess Bride.” Vizzini, a character who is thoroughly over-impressed with himself, is trying to convey how brilliant he is. He’s holding a princess captive and is trying to fend off “the man in black,” who is extraordinarily strong and an expert swordsmen. So he says,

    “It seems we are at an impasse. I’m no match for your strength, and you’re no match for my wits.”

    And the man in black (who, incidentally, is not Johnny Cash) says, “You’re that smart?”

    To which Vizzini replies: “Let me put it this way: have you ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?”



    There you have it. Excellent movie, btw. But I don’t actually think they’re morons. I think there’s an interesting little gem in the notion that the “fathers” of philosophy only had enough time to sit around and philosophize because of the hard work of their slaves, but that’s an entire other discussion :).

  9. Hey Nyet, I love that movie!! And that is one of the best scenes too…. very funny stuff.

  10. Nate, Sorry I didn’t see your answer sooner. Also sorry I didn’t see the movie, based on both yours, and Mom’s review.
    You bring up a good point that they had time to philosophize only because they had slaves to do their dirty work, as if that were a bad thing. But you are trying to apply today’s standards to yesterday’s conditions. And, those conditions are still in place in some parts of Africa. (Slavery). (Also, they could have killed their enemies instead of making slaves out of them. And the slaves thought it was better too, because it only takes a couple of seconds to commit suicide, and they didn’t.)

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