New approach…bicycle saftey

So I have felt bad at the lack of posting in the recent weeks. This being the case, I think I’ll start to post more often, but not necessarily with more content. Sounds great huh </sarcasm>. This way, I’ll hopefully post more than you guys comment…though I do love the comments.

You’ve got to understand, that as of late I have been extremely busy. Not just a little busy, but so busy I do not have a free moment other than the time I spend with Jordan…and no offense, but Jordan gets her time before this blog does. But fear not, if I take a little time more often to post short tidbits like this one, maybe things with pick up around here.

Watch this video. It is exactly how I maneuver and manage traffic on my bike in town. It is sage wisdom, and personally I think it is the only way that bicyclists (1) can ride safely in urban sprawl; (2) can effectively assert their rights to the same road; (3) spread the inevitable truth that bikes are here to stay, and will only grow in usage as Americans wise up.

We have such a long way to come here in America. In Europe, bicycles are much more a way of life, even though the majority of the people there are per capita more wealthy than Americans. Bikes aren’t just for the poor, DUIs, or ‘trendy’, they are the most efficient way to transport yourself and everything else you would need within a city. Here is another good video about how bicylce and pedestrian friendly cities promote health, prosperity, and human dignity:

Things to come:

  • My most recent proposal for funding
  • Awesome beef stew recipe
  • Tale of last weekends failed, but very entertaining field work

6 responses to “New approach…bicycle saftey

  1. I live in Albuquerque, and we like to think we are bicycle friendly due to the numbers of bicycle paths. After watching the second video, I see we have a long way to go to get to a world class bicycle friendly city.

  2. Thanks for reading Michael! Yes, I too live in a pretty bike-friendly city, yet is pales in comparison with several other cities in Europe. We are very car-centric here in America, as indicated by the fact that we used about half of the world’s gasoline, and even though the majority of trips we take are less than 2 miles from home, we still drive to them! Maybe there is still hope…

  3. Wow.
    First… I’m so delighted to see that you follow the rules of biking so safely that you would press upon us the video about biking safely. I’m impressed with the video as well as I see how it makes a cyclist’s ride so much better if made this visible to a car. Bravo!
    Secondly.. I would love to see the US become as bicycle oriented as Amsterdam. Of course as you and Michael have pointed out, we have a very long way to go, and it will be difficult because Americans have a very strong love affair going with their cars. When a car is less of a status symbol, maybe this kind of citiscape may be possible. I hope so.. cleaner air, better health, less expensive travel. Now we just have to figure out how to bike from city to city without making it a week long affair to do so. Maybe bus routes would do the trick.. still less polution on our lands.

    Love ya.

  4. I really enjoyed both of those. I’m glad I live in Austin, just need to figure out how to live & work downtownish. . .

  5. Paige! I’m glad you liked them! You know, when I lived in Austin growing up, I used to ride from my house to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and then ride the bike trails in there and come home. It wasn’t unusual for me to tally up 50-70 miles in a day. I bet you could ride from your place to d-town easily enough. Austin is pretty bike-friendly (at least compared to the rest of Texas…)

  6. These videos were an education for me! I especially appreciated seeing the various age groups biking together. I like to think I could make the transformation, given safe bikeways. I know I could never brave the traffic, knowing the mentality of drivers. Our gas crisis should open our eyes to the possibilities of managing our transportation needs better. I support the idea of trying to go car-less citywide for one day of the year, just to get the talk started. We appreciate your spreading the good word with your videos and testimonials, Frank.

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