Ah, nerdy net goodness

Not much today. I will be presenting my work from the San Antonio River in Boston next week, and today is a dry run at 3pm in the department. Should be fun…at least it’s over in 15 minutes! I am hoping that this huge mess with the airlines (especially American) will settle down before I fly on Tuesday. It would most def suck if I don’t get to Boston in time to present!

Now, time for some net goodness…

An awesome site run by science writer Carl Zimmer

Very cool idea of blogging the science related ink…strangely it is mostly PhD students. Nate beware, grad school does crazy things to your head! Some of my favs:

The nitrogen cycle, in ink!

The pioneer satellite plaque, similar to the Golden Record just cool!

Next, Reuters has published a small set of really cool photos from around the world. I really can’t wait to explore the Earth more later in my career! It is nice to know I’ll have the chance, being a geographer and all 🙂 By far, this is my favorite of the set (I do have a twisted sense of humor though):

This one’s for Jordan:

The next Bond movie, Quantum of Solace is in the process of being filmed. I’ve heard it will indeed have more action than the collection of stories it came from. And what’s better, it is about eco-terrorism. How quant. Here is an entertaining quicky read from the Grist List.


3 responses to “Ah, nerdy net goodness

  1. Fascinating. The stop sign is interesting.. I liked the older couple in the beach shelter, and the ice tunnel of ice glazed trees. Cool stuff!!

  2. Oh, and the tat’s were all awsome!

  3. Nice Reuter’s pics.

    I think, what with my general relativist and Buddhist studies backgrounds, that any nerd tat I got would by definition have to be temporary. So hopefully grad school will not scar me that way…

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