Boston: An Intro

As stated in my previous post, I did not have access to quick, reliable wireless internet while in Boston. I’m back now, and I guess I should chronicle the good times. In due time. Tonight, as I am exhausted, I’m just going to follow through on the google street view thing.

Recall, I took a picture out my hotel patio:

Now, feast your eyes on this screenshot from the new version of Google Earth:

Awesome. Seriously, you guys have got to play with this!

On a side note, no, I did not feel the earthquake, being in MA and all, and yes, I am jealous of Jordan that she did get the chance! More substantive stuff to come…


One response to “Boston: An Intro

  1. Wicked cool! But the cars down on the street are flat! How strange. LOL.

    Looks like I need to update my Google Earth program!

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