And now for something completely different

“See how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!”


Went to the dentist today and got 3 fillings and a crown done on the left side. I am almost done with dental work. I still have 2 fillings on the right, and then my bottom 2 wisdom teeth have to come out. Yup, I’m a little tired of dentists…

Almost done with the semester, just one more paper due Friday, then summer starts. Of course, summer is field season, so I guess it isn’t really a break, just not as much thought work.

I got my summer research grant, so I am in business for starting work on the Embarras River here in Champaign County. I started getting things ready today, numb mouth and all, and I have a lot of prep work to do first. It is really cool stuff I am about to start, so I’ll try to catch yall up on here. I guess I also owe you the rest of my Boston trip. End of semesters suck!

Enjoy that video, and look out, I’ll be back soon!


3 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. I love Monty Python!!!

    Oh, a few fillings and a crown… whoop tee doo dah dee is all I can say… wimp!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

    Tomorrow I go in for MY crown… and another adjustment on my FULL DENTURES.. 12 out in one sitting!…. to make them fit better.

    Honestly Son, I do feel for you, but after my dental adventures of late… surely you can’t blame me for being trite. 😀

    Love ya

  2. OOooooo! I like my picture! Nice pattern!

  3. Pri teeeee —>

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