Goodbye Tammy

She was a wonderful cat, and even though I was alergic to her, I will miss her very much. She had a wonderful life full of love by a wonderful family. She lived an amazing 20 years, and was beautiful (and vocal) to the end. Here is Pat’s memorial.

With sadness we grieve the departing of our dear friend, Tammy. After a six week decline, she made the final trip to the vet this afternoon, Friday, May 9. She was a total lady to the end and still had her good looks (although the pleasant personality was fading fast). She left this world to join her companion of 18 years, Amanda. May they frolic together in cat heaven, never to grow old again!


2 responses to “Goodbye Tammy

  1. My condolences. I remember her from you guy wedding, and getting dressed. Our dressing room was her favorite place to hang out apparently. Goodnite sweet kitty.

  2. Frank, thank you for letting more of the world know what a sweet friend we had.

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