Windy City Pt 2

Tuesday we took it a little easier for our anniversary. After a leisurely late morning breakfast we made our way down to the Museum Campus. The original plan was to go to the Field Museum, and then head out to the Museum of Science and Industry, but as soon as we saw the size of the Field museum we thought better of it. I am a museum plaque reader. When I go, I intend to read everything, there was just no way in Hell we would have been able to even scratch the surface of the field museum. This being the case, we made the decision to go to Shedd Aquarium instead, and take another trip in the future dedicated to the museums.

Shedd Aquarium was awesome, and big in it’s own right. There was about a gizillion little kids taking part in some sort of City Parks summer program. In one way it was cute, in another, more noticeable way, it was loud. The exhibits were nice, though well worn, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the little fishies.

From the aquarium, we took the water taxi to Navy Pier for lunch. They say Navy Pier is the premier tourist attraction in the city. Though I am glad we went, I despised the experience. Way too many angry spoiled kids crammed into a space that though large, wasn’t large enough to make the experience comfortable. Jordan and I had our Chicago Hot Dots there (That’s a Vienna Beef dog on a poppy seed bun with mustard, neon green relish, white onions, sport peppers, tomato slices, kosher dill pickle spear and celery salt) and then we scooted over to Ben & Jerrie’s for ice cream. $15.75 worth of ice cream! That was for 2 regular cones, and they even messed up Jordan’s order…yeesh. Needless to say, we didn’t enjoy the Pier. We hot footed to our next journey leg.

The navy Pier was technically just a layover to facilitate taking the water taxi up the Chicago River Canal to the Sears Tower. Now that was worth the trip. It is slightly sureal to see the city unfold before the boat like a pop-up book. All of these very tall (60 stories and up) building butted right up against the canal.

From the water taxi, it was a quick half block walk to the Sears Tower. Only to wait in line for about 45 minutes to go up to the Skydeck. It was like going to Disneyland, but without any ‘small world after all’ tunes playing. And get this, we went before peak time. When we left, the line had almost tripled in length. Ouch. Sears Tower undisputedly had a killer view, but it was busy, crowded, and uncomfortable up there on the 104th floor. However, I’m still glad we did it, and didn’t buy the T-shirt…

After the tower, we took the El back to our subway stop and booked it home. We had reservations at Morton’s Steakhouse for dinner, and we wanted to rest/freshen up before heading out. We went to the original Morton’s at Rush and Division. What a cool atmosphere. You could tell they used to have a cigar bar (not due to a smoky smell, but just the ambiance) and let me tell you, the steak was perfect! Jordan had a single cut Fillet Mignon, and I had a NY Strip. We split some of the best Macaroni and Cheese I’ve ever had, and had a lovely slice of key lime pie to top it off.

We finished off the night by using our second trip up Big John. We wanted to take in the city skyline at night, and let me tell you it was worth it. I had already heard nightmares about how busy the Sears Tower gets at sunset and night. We went to Big John about 10pm, and there was only a handful of people there. Wonderful. And let me tell you, the view was magical! It was a good day all around.

Pictures are grouped below because I’m lazy..get over it:) More to come later!


One response to “Windy City Pt 2

  1. What a pleasant tour of Chicago, and my feet don’t even hurt! Thanks for doing the homework. We’ll enjoy learning all about the Windy City from you and Jordan when we make the next big trip to Illinois. I’m glad to see Jordan finally got her King Kong-ish revenge on her former employer. Most satisfying, I’m sure.

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