Getting a little Local Flair

I was cleaning out my google reader subscriptions this morning. For any of you who use a feed agglomerater, I am sure you know the feeling. I had some pretty out of date crap in there. In the scrubbing, I found I had holes in coverage, so I set out to discover new blog bites to more efficiently waste my time 🙂

In the process I stumbled upon a couple of nice local ones, including little blog on the prairie, which in tandem with Champaign Taste gives a nice overview of new diggs, happenings, and eats around the area. lbotp also sports an awesome blogroll, which is leading down the local blogoshpere in fashion.

Right now Jordan and I are playing host to Edgar, who is spending the week up here. Our initial plan for the day was to hit the Park District Pool/Waterpark, but storms may cancel that for today. I guess we’ll get around to bowling, and maybe a movie. It has been really nice having Edgar in town, we missed him terribly!


One response to “Getting a little Local Flair

  1. thanks for reading and welcome to the C-U blog universe.

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