In the quest for cake batter custard

So this past week has been wonderful. We had Edgar up from Austin. Being as I have no brothers, Edgar is about as close as it gets for me. We picked him up last Saturday in St. Louis. It was really not a spectacular trip, meaning that we did lots of stuff. Basically we just hung out, and ate a lot of bad food. Sometimes, you want it that way.

One unifying theme during Edgar’s stay was our adventure in waiting for Cake Batter custard to be the flavor of the day at Cozy’s Custard. Now for those not in the know, the midwest prides after its version of soft-serve like goodness. Every little town up here has a custard shop, and it is sort of the equivalent of BBQ in Texas. Well here in Champaign, that place is Cozy’s. Well, actually no. The ‘first’ place is Jarling’s, a cash only, unique experience on the other side of town. Even still, Jordan and I prefer Cozy’s. By far the best invention of all time is cake batter custard. After telling Edgar this little gem, we looked on with great anticipation at the reader board at Cozy’s each day. No dice.

So of course today’s flavor: Cake batter. Sorry Edgar.

It was very nice having him up here, and I can’t wait to see him again, hopefully over Christmas break when Jordan and I come back to Texas for a spell.


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