Wake me up before you go-goal[s]

Har, har I know the title is bad, but hey…it’s my blog not yours ๐Ÿ™‚

So today I took my first run since basically high school. And I had a blast! Stats wise it was pretty bogus: 2.5 miles, 40 minutes; but I was running 2.5 minutes (here was my route), walking 5, so it isn’t all that bad. Actually I was worried I would be incredibly out of breath/sore but that just wasn’t the case. Apparently I am in better shape than I thought. I will say that I felt really heavy. It was strange. I remember running in HS and feelling light on my feet, but today was nothing like that! Also, I wore two blisters into my feet alla old shoes (doh!), so today we went out and I now have shiny new ones ๐Ÿ™‚

I am inspired by Nate’s drive to get into prime shape. So, in a very unoriginal way, I plan for the same. I was already on the right track, and as you know, I have got myself into pretty good shape over the last year, but it is time to turn it up a notch. Here are my goals:

  1. Ride in a 100 mile bicycle race/charity ride next season (ie before next August)
  2. Be able to run at least 10 miles in a go by March
  3. Get rid of my belly and tone up by March

I think these goals are achievable given what I already do. I mean I do commute by bike, so just a little more focus and that goal will be done in a flash. I see myself plateauing, so the running should be a nice bit of cross training to keep my progress up. Add in a little gym time for a round schedule, and I think I’m in the game. I’ll probably run in the morning when we get up 3 days a week. Cycling is already in the mix, I’ll just start lengthening my ride home, and gym timing. Well, I haven’t figured that one out yet.

If any of you have any advice, send my way. I haven’t ever really focused on a training schedule before, and book reading and/or internet research can only go so far. Hit me up.


One response to “Wake me up before you go-goal[s]

  1. The advice that I never follow: go slow. Nothing brings the running program to a grinding halt like pushing yourself just a bit too much and pulling or spraining something – you end up taking a week off, and then it’s square one, blah blah blah.

    I only bring that up because that’s what just happened to me, not necessarily because I was over-ding it, but just because I am old and in the way. I was going to run in the Kentucky Derby, but all the other horses kept calling me “Glue Stick.” Seriously, between a sprained ankle, hamstrings, busted toes, etc., I’ve been a total loaf the last month outside of a couple of Ultimate games. So yes, your slow, 3 times a week plan sounds good. Take ‘er easy!

    And good job, homes.

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