So, if you are a regular reader of my blog (this basically means Nate and my mom…), then you know I have started jogging again to help cross-train and get back the Adonis within…(bad mental image huh?).

Well, I had set out to jog three days a week, and haven’t done that quite right due to evermore fieldwork taking my early mornings, but I did get out Monday night for a pleasant workout. Last time I got in 2.45 miles, rubbing blisters in my feet and all. Monday, I had a great run for a total of 3.9 miles. At first I think I hadn’t warmed up quite all the way, so the running was dragging me out. I kept at it though, and after keeping my HR up for about 10 minutes, things started to feel much better. I didn’t feel heavy anymore, though I know I was still slow. I was able to jog considerably more than last time, balancing the walk to jog ratio at about 3:2 (walk:run). Boy I forgot how good it feels to have your HR up for extended periods of time. I went ahead and maxed out once to see how I am doing. Max HR topped out at 184 bpm. I guess considering my resting HR of ~45 bpm that is pretty much on target. Most of the jogging, I was trying to keep my HR just below AT, though I must admit it is harder for me to tell the difference while I am running. Usually on the bike, I am quite aware when approaching the AT, and I have even done some interval work to push it higher. While I am running, I have noticed that I never get a huge lactic acid buildup (like a surge) which is how it is on the bike. Maybe I am not running hard enough? In any case, I think I am well on my way to achieving my running goals.


One response to “Progress

  1. joggingmymemory

    Good luck on reaching your running goals…and rediscovering the Adonis within!

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